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Easter Service

posted by Wendi

Now, only a few hours after I said I would accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior in front of an audience of people, we had Easter service.

This service started off… way different.  We were given a gift of a… spring hook thing.  Everyone was baffled.  ”What is this for?”


The Pastor who baptized me stood on a wooden platform before this huge audience of people, about 250.  We all sat outside in the beautiful daylight that God granted us.  This was a beautiful Easter.

He told us eventually to pull out the carabiners.  I knew of course he meant this hook thing.  I gazed at my neon pink carabiner as everyone muttered “What is a carabiner?”  Even I was very interested in how this thing was related to the Lord.

He said he wanted to tell us about a true story.  I don’t remember it all so if you know more, remind me in the comments.  This instructor along with many other people ended up in an avalanche.  Now, this avalanche somehow did not kill the instructor, but he was buried under snow and oxygen was running low.  He radioed the main place and informed them that he was alive but running out of oxygen.  They found out where he was, and informed him that there were oxygen tanks by him.  The man swore up and down, the tanks were empty.  The main group begged him to use the oxygen tanks as they were all full.  Well, the instructor died surrounded with full tanks of oxygen.


Our Pastor then said, that our bodies need oxygen, just as much as our souls need Jesus.  Jesus is the bread of our souls.

“Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me will never hunger, and whoever believes in me will never thirst.” (John 6:35)

As our mortal bodies need oxygen to survive, our souls need Jesus to survive too.


Without Jesus, we are dead.  So, we are truly blessed by Jesus’s crucification.  Our God, is a great God.  Our Lord is a great Lord.  We are truly blessed.

That carabiner is a reminder of  the instructor who died due to not taking in the oxygen that was all around him… just as so many people do not take in Jesus even though he is all around them… Just as our bodies need oxygen… our souls need the bread of Jesus.  It also was a reminder that we need to commit ourselves to going back to church as most people do not go to the service after Easter… :)  I said that I would commit to going back next Sunday.


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