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1st Path…

posted by Wendi

After hearing my Preacher’s Easter service, I felt that I must make something for that service.  It was strong.

The next day I went out for lunch and on my way home, I had a over powering feeling to buy the stuff I needed for the key-chains I felt I needed to do.  I went down the street, aiming for a dollar store when I had a over whelming urge to go to Walgreens.  I went in and quickly walked over to the key-chains even though I had no idea where they were.  Somehow, I found them instantly.  However, the ones I was aiming for were not there.  My feelings were strong and I followed them to a couple of bins of key-chains… I knew some one was guiding me.  Well, there were no key-chains I could use.  After a hour of looking, my heart told me I need to print them out… ok, I got that message.  However, I left and went to a dollar store.  I asked them if they had any key-chains, the answer was no.  I wandered through the store and ended up in the craft section.  My chest was stirring, and my feelings told me to look to the left.  I looked and saw a bag of key-chains that you can put what you want on them.  I grabbed a bag and continued to look around.  After a few minutes, I was back in the craft isle and my heart told me to look towards the right.  So, I did.  I spotted several foam sheets and grabbed a bag that had a few in it, however my heart told me, not this one… and I spotted another batch that had 3x as many foam sheets.  I knew what I was suppose to do.

The next day, I worked on crafting the prayers my heart told me to write and the pictures, and I was making everything double-sided.   While working on the prayer, I was stunned to see that the way I was cutting out the prayer, was in the shape of the cross.  Now, if this was just a accident, I’m not 100% certain, but I think this was meant to happen.

Here are the key-chains I made:

dscn0921-small dscn0922-small dscn0924-small dscn0927-small

On Sunday May 1, I gave the key chains to Pastor Tim.  Now, they are his to do what God wants him to use them for.  Will I make myself a new set?  Hmmm… not only will I, but I am making them for my husband and anyone else who requests them.


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