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God answers Prayers

posted by Wendi

God knows what is in your heart.  I mean, he knows things that even we do not know.  Now, this starts of as a normal day.  My husband is overwhelmed with everything that has vanished in our home.  The main thing that is overwhelming him, as well as myself is our missing video camera.  We had been looking for it for such a long time and we never could find it.   My husband became convinced that with how nice I am, I did not notice a kid from the neighborhood steal it.  I told him, that was impossible.  He was very uptight and it was understandable.  This was a $400, all we got for Christmas gift.  This camera was a video camera and it was missing for over half a year.  My husband was livid due to too many things just vanishing.  His pen, the DVD we rented, the camera, amongst other milder things.  All these things just start to add up on a person who is overly stressed about so many more things.  For example, his job and bills.  One man can only take so much.  I went into a room on the other side of the house and silently asked God to help me find these items, and anything else we have lost.  That night, I did not find anything and my husband went to bed shortly afterwards and fell instantly to sleep.  I followed him shortly afterwards.

The next morning, my husband was again, upset over the stuff being gone.  I helped him get ready for work and once again I prayed to God to help me find the video camera and other lost things.  I started to feel a feeling to look in another room of the house and I brushed it to the side since it was time for my husband to go.  I had to say a proper good-bye and good luck at work wish.  He proceeded to leave and I went with the warm feeling and looked in the other room, even though I knew it was impossible for the video camera to be there due to the fact we had torn apart that room and it’s closet half a year ago.  I walked into the room and saw a beam of light shooting towards the closet.  Now, don’t get me wrong, this beam of light was the sun’s rays from the window.  Not a beam of light from nowhere.  I followed the beam of light to the closet and gasped as I saw the video camera sitting in plain sight on a shelf.  How could that be?  How could that video camera that was now engulfed in the sunlight, be in a spot that we see all the time and we even tore apart?  I have your answer, God showed me the way to find my camera.  God answered my prayer, or at least a portion of it… there is more.

I grabbed the bag and ran out to my husband who was overjoyed to see the camera.  However, a new dilemma had hit him.  His driving glasses had vanished.  I looked around his chair in the house, and in the car before giving him his old pair of glasses.  He drove off sad once again.  I continued to look for the glasses off and on through out the day, and David became more weary as the minutes turned to hours.  I looked for stuff in one location, and found a brush I had once again forgot about due to the fact that I could not find it.  This brush was for the cats and once again, I was overjoyed due to the fact that God answered my prayer yet again.  My prayer had asked God for help to find all missing things in our home.  Not just the camera.  I embraced the joy and thanked God once again for helping me find the brush.  I continued to look for the glasses, and other missing stuff until I became sleepy and crawled into bed for a short nap.  My husband called at lunchtime, asking me if I found the glasses, of course the answer was no.  I asked him to tell me what he did when he got home yesterday.  He said he went and began to make our lunch in the kitchen.  I had looked on the counter earlier, and did not find it.  I took this opportunity, and looked once again.  Again, there was no glasses.  I walked out of the room and talked to my husband a little more before I felt the urge to look in the same spot I had looked only a few minutes earlier.  I did not hesitate, and I went back into the kitchen and as I spoke to my husband on the phone, found the glasses in plain sight.  I could not believe how they were right in plain view, again.  This was God helping me.  This was God’s doing.  I silently thanked God as I told my husband the good news.

Does the story end there?  I doubt it.  The day is still young.  I am overjoyed to have this walk with God in my life.


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