My Walk with Christ

My walk with my savior, Jesus Christ


My walk with Christ begins… today

posted by Wendi


Today was a huge day in my spiritual life.  Today is the day I was saved through a baptism.  It took me a long time to make this wise decision.  Even though I always believed in Jesus Christ as my Lord and shepherd, I could not fathom the importance of being baptized.  I mean, all it really is is just either sprinkling some water on your head or pushing you into a body of water.  You can do that in your own tub!  What is the meaning of something so… simple?

I learned later on, in the recent month in fact, that this is a public show of your love and dedication to Christ.  This is a public move to show that you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.  This is a moment when your spirit, if you TRULY  wish it in your heart, will feel enlightened with love for Jesus Christ.

Over time, I watched others at my old church get baptized, but I never felt it was my time.  I wanted to be sure I was doing the right thing.  I was not one who felt very good about only having a sprinkle of water dribbled on my head and saying I was baptized.   For me, I thought about how Jesus got baptized.  He was submerged completely in the body of water.

Mathew 3;16

When He had been baptized, Jesus came up immediately from the water; and behold, the heavens were opened to Him, and He saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and alighting upon Him.

Jesus was supposedly baptized in the River Jordan.  So both of these things led me to believe that I needed to be baptized in a similar manor.  I wanted it to be a powerful meaning when I was truly ready in my heart, that I am not going to just dribble a little bit of Jesus Christ… but submerge my entire being into Jesus Christ.

Eventually, the thought of being baptized left my mind, and I continued to live my life as normal as a unsaved person.  I still did not know the meaning, and my heart was not into it, so therefore, I did not get baptized.

Well, as things turned, our church soon got a new pastor.  Now, this pastor was liked by some or even many,  but for my husband and myself, he was not the one our souls yearned to hear.  So, we moved on to a new Church.  We found a new church quickly and started going to it for a couple of months.   During this time, they announced that Easter was coming up and they will do their annual baptism in the ocean.  Now, this sounded like a awesome thing.  My husband dove into it after several weeks after it was announced.  However, my heart wavered.  If I got baptized, would it be a lie? This is a important thing for any Christian.  I don’t want to tell God a lie.  I did not want to do something so important… and it all be a lie.  My heart became more clouded.  I was not ready.  I heard more about the baptism the more scared of it I became.   I heard about the videos and how far out into the ocean we would go.  I, who could not swim, did not have the faith to feel safe enough to go through the baptism.  So, I said I will watch my husband being saved, but I will not do it.

I am not ready.

As time went on, my soul became more disturbed.  My husband kept receiving messages to get baptized, and these messages worried my soul.  However, I could not trust Jesus or the preachers enough to do it.  My soul also did not feel it was time.

Before long, as the timer started to run out, my mother called me.   She told me she had started praying for people to get saved before the time of Christ’s return.   Of course, I was on top of her list.   I informed her that my husband was going to be baptized,  and she asked… “Are you?”


I had replied.  I told her I did not want to baptize into a lie.  When and if I do it, I want to mean it.  This, of course, broke my mother’s heart.  Every time afterwards that we were able to talk, she asked the same question.  The answer was always,


Now, my husband is religious.  He wants to devote his entire life to God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost.  He always talked to me about religion.  Some of these words he had said though stirred my heart.  I asked him “Why do we get baptized?” “Why is it important?”  ”Why must it be done in front of so many people?”

He answered, “This is a public display of your love, devotion and trust in Jesus Christ.”

My heart stirred.

“I am afraid of the ocean, afraid I will never come back up.”  I informed him.

“You must TRUST Jesus.”

Trust Jesus?  This made my mind wonder even more.  Trust in my Lord and savior?  Trust in my shepherd…  just as a sheep trusts in it’s shepherd… Trust in my Lord and Savior.

My heart stirred.

I thought about it, dwelled upon the thought of  the meaning of being baptized.  My Mother, who loves me so much, kept calling me and telling me, I NEED to get baptized.  She told me, I can not go to heaven to be with our Lord and Savior if I do not do this one little thing.  The week before Easter, Mom asked her usual question; “Are you going to get baptized?”


This still worried my Mother.  She wanted a yes, not a maybe.  I felt bad, but I was still not 100% certain.  I wanted to be 100% into it.  My thoughts dwelled upon this thought as my time began to vanish.  I had to be certain.

Finally, the Tuesday before Easter… I wrote my pastor a letter… saying I was ready.

This was a huge step for me.  Monumentally huge.  However, I was still fearful.  The Pastor talked to me Wednesday night.  My heart fluttered as we discussed my decision.  He informed me that I had nothing to be afraid of because they never lost a single soul.  No one ever drowned because they hold you.  Trust them.


I said my prayer of salvation and informed my Mother Thursday of my decision.  She burst into tears of joy.  There was no going back.  Yet, my heart was slowly calming itself.  Friday came and my husband dragged me all the way down south for about a hour long drive to a church that was showing a video that would last until 1 AM of a man I never heard of.  His name was Dr David Platt.  This man is only a year older then me.  Yet, he was 100% devoted to God.  I did not really want to stay all those hours… from 6PM till 1Am listening to a guy yak.  However, as I watched this man speak, I was amazed at how tearful and passionate he was in Christ.  Once we started on a break, my husband turned to me.  He asked me, “How old am I?”

“44″ I responded.

He pointed out a message he received loudly…

Acts 16:31

And Paul said to them, “Repent and be baptized everyone of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

In this man’s entire speech that lasted all the way till 1:30AM, he did not mention the word baptism anywhere else.  This was not only a confirmation to my husband… but to myself.  I knew I had made the right decision.

Easter Sunday came…

The baptism was at 7 AM on the beach.  We woke up at 4AM.  Normally, I would be dragging… but I was not.  I got dressed and helped my family get dressed as well.  This was our day to show our love and trust to Jesus Christ.

We left the house by 6AM… excited.  However, worry hit hard as it began to pour.  However, the worry melted away.  The beach was 30 minutes away.  It will not be raining there.  We knew it in our hearts.  Why did we know it?  We finally had trust in Jesus Christ.

We arrived before the sun rose to the beach, and it was dry.  The sunrise was beautiful.  We began our service with a prayer and a description of why we get baptized.  We then took our places in line.  I was anxious.  When it was my turn to go towards the two preachers… I started to cry.  My spirit was souring.  I was ready.  The two men took my hands on each side as they guided me into the ocean.  The arms were strong.  I was safe.  Jesus Christ was there.   I felt him.  I walked out into the cold water, but to me, the water was warm.  Not only warm, but comforting.  This water that had hardly any sunshine on it, was warm.  I was with my Lord.  They waited till the right wave came in… and said the baptism… “I baptize you in the name of the father…”

These words washed over me as internally… I begged Jesus to allow me to be his sheep… and I was dunked.

The wave came in… as Christ washed my soul of sins… and as I emerged…the wave went out…. pulling my sins out into God’s ocean.  This was the perfect baptism.  I was not in a man made pool… but in God’s ocean.

I did not get just a sprinkle of God… I submerged my entire body into God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit… this was the moment I felt alive.

I have never felt so alive.

Thank God…Thank Jesus… Thank the Holy Spirit… the entire trinity.  I made the right decision… and was saved.

Now… as of today…I start my walk with Christ… my Lord.  My Shepard.  My friend.

Thank you for reading and I will post more tomorrow.

God Bless.

You can see the pictures here.

  1. Your Mother Said,

    You made my Resurrection Sunday the BEST EVER!! :)
    I am so pleased and proud of you, you are a Child of God now, and if I die tomorrow, I will be at peace because I know you will go in the Rapture when it comes, or if you die before that, you will go to Heaven.
    It was also special because you were also Born Again at the same time and filled with Gods Holy Spirit, and became a true Child of God, and you and Dave were Baptized together and on Resurrection Sunday and it was also on your late Uncle Dicks birthday.
    God Bless You with your life with God now and your Savior Jesus Christ, and being filled with His Holy Spirit, who will “teach you all things!”
    I LOVE you very much!!
    MoM :)

  2. Wendi Said,

    That Resurrection day was the best ever. My whole life changed after that experience. I believe I feel our Lord with me always and I am always happy once again. Just like in the Bible it mentions, you are dead until you are filled with the Holy Spirit. I have never felt so alive since I was a child. Is that not wonderful? Our God is an awesome God.

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