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This time, it was not a blessing.  This time a person my husband knew from his old job had passed on.  I personally did not know much about the man.  Only that he was a fisherman and he loved Christmas music.  However, my husband really wanted to go to the funeral.  My husband tried very hard to find out when the funeral was, he even called up his old job numerous times but they did not know themselves and eventually he found out via the Internet.

The funeral was the next night.  We went to attend the funeral and listen to stories about his old boss.  However, we were both blown away.  So many people were there, more then a thousand I believe.  This shocked me.  We went into this huge church and sat down towards the back.  The service began with the Preacher who informed us that this was not only to honor Tom, but to honor Jesus which who Tom is with now.

Have you ever seen a funeral like that before?  I never had.  True, I only went to a few but this one was the only one like this.  I learned more about Tom, and sadly, I wish my own husband could have been friends with Tom.  What I heard, shocked me.  From when his father walked up to the microphone.    He was like me in a way.  Or, how I was.  He started to close up his life and let things live on with out him beng there.  he just wanted to be left alone I believe, and then this happened to his son.  He came out of his sancuary and desided to stop hiding and renew his faith in Jesus.  Huh?  have you ever heard such a statement made at a funeral?  This is nothing to be sad about… this was glorious.  Tom’s father, Tom Sr, gave credit to Lisa, Tom’s wife, for Tom’s faith in the Lord.

Other statments were really nice as well… like how Tom every day saw a woman on his way to work, pushing a stroller that was old and wobbly, and he himself went out to buy her a bran new one.  he also put it together himself, and gave it to her.  He was very proud of making that stroller.  He was kind.

Later on, as I had hoped, his wife came out and informed everyone about some things that Tom had done in his life, and one was about ths adventure he had. He had engin troubles with his boat while he was in the Bahamas.  He got his boat to the nearest dock and found a boat mechanic.  Then he went to a bar nearby.  While he was there, he noticed a bad looking guy glaring at him.  Tom finally got annoyed with the guy and told him to step outside.  The guy eagerly stepped outside with Tom.  The guy was ready to fight but Tom told him that he was not loking for troubles.  He was there only to wait while his boat was being fixed.  The guy continued to glare at Tom.  Out of the blue, Tom told the man, ”Jesus loves you.” 

“I am too bad, Jesus can’t love me.”

Tom continued to talk to the man about Jesus for a while until the man told him not to drink his drink because he had put drugs into it so that he could rob Tom.

After that, Tom went back inside.  About 10 or 15 minutes later, another mean looking man walked up to Tom and asked him “What did you say to my friend?”

Tom informed the man that he had talked to the man’s friend about Jesus.  The man told Tom to tell him about Jesus.  Tom did.  Afterwards, Tom gave the man all of the cash he had in his wallet freely.

After hearing that story, I could not help but to wonder, what a great guy and follower of Christ Tom really was.  It made me so sad that David never got the chace to be Tom’s friend  However, this affirmed to me that Tom was in heaven.  Don’t you agree?

I do not have any information on this but there is suppost to be a fishing thing going on in Tom’s honor soon and they will be doing this to support his family.

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