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Singing for the Lord

posted by Wendi

1 Chronicles 13:8 (KJV)

And David and all Israel played before God with all their might, and with singing, and with harps, and with psalteries, and with timbrels, and with cymbals, and with trumpets.


For years, most of my life, in fact, I have been ashamed of something.  I have been ashamed of my booming loud voice.  Yea, sounds dumb but true.  Even my whispers could be heard across the room.  When I was in chorus, the other chorus members told me to just lip sing cause I boomed over them.  Ashamed of my voice, I became quiet despite the chorus teachers begging me to sing or do solos.  Why should I when I sounded so loud and obnoxious?  When I use to sing in church people would look at me sideways, and it made me sick.  So I learned very very quickly to stop singing, it was embarrassing.  So when I went to church, I would lip sing.  It worked, no one looked at me any more.   The burden was off my shoulders and I was no longer a freak.  I would never tell a soul that I could sing.  Why?  It was better then to have people tell me I am too loud.  I did not like attention.  No, that is an understatement… I HATED attention.  So ever since I was 8 years old, I stopped singing for any one but my mother.  She use to love to hear me sing while she played the piano.  Music was something precious to my mother and me.  Something I would never do outside of the house ever again.

Years past and I got married.  I don’t remember how but David, my husband, got me to sing for him.  He even had me sing at our wedding.  It was embarrassing cause I always felt like the chipmunk with a loud squeak.  Yes, as you may guess, I can not stand to hear myself sing, nor can I watch my own wedding tape cause of this.  Well, as you know, David got me to start going to church again after years of not going to church.  Of course, every church sings so I went back to lip singing.  David would glare at me knowing what I was doing, but who wanted to hear a foghorn chipmunk?  hmm?

Well, if you have been checking out this site, you must already know that a lot has changed since I was baptized in his name.  I decided to start singing when the congregation sang for real.  No one looked at me any more.  :)  I could sing with out being noticed.  I was excited.  However, that time was limited.

About 6 months after I allowed myself to sing for God out loud, I was approached.  They were looking for people to sing for the children.  Reluctantly, I took the challenge.  At the same time, David, my beloved husband, started begging me to sing before the congregation since at the time, no one was.  I said yes to both and I sang for the first time before the congregation, and after that I sang for the children for a month.  Another woman had stepped up from the congregation and began to sing for them which was a relief on me honestly because I hated being in front and if I made even one mistake, every one would know.  Of course, singing for the kids was a huge trial for me.  However I made it through the month and finally there was a woman singing for the congregation so I was no longer needed.

Or… so I thought.  Have you ever heard of basically being taken out of your comfort zone?  I was, but strangely it is not as scary as it once was.  The church was getting a new band together and I had no idea.  The girl who was singing was out this day and a guy was singing in her place.  It was great except the music sounded like they needed a high pitched voice in there some where as it was two men singing and it was all low.  I found myself with out much fear (but it was still in the pit of my stomach) asking if I should join in to help the minor clash.  They Preacher said yes and the other guy was like ‘are you sure?’  The Preacher responded, ‘She can REALLY sing.’  That praise was a shock to me, but it also soothed my worries a little as I opened my mouth and began to practice with the two men.  After that, I was approached and asked if I would sing with the new band on Sundays.  I said sure with out a second thought.  This has been a huge step up for me.  Really, but if God wants it, then God gets it.  I am but another servant for God and if he wants me to use the chipmunk voice he gave me, then I shall.

However… let this be something to fit in your life.  Do not stay meek but sing with all your might.  For you are not singing to please the others in the congregation… you are singing for the Lord almighty.  He gave you that voice.  Be proud of who you are, and how God made you.  He has a reason for every gift he gave you.

If you wish to hear us, here is a song we practiced.  It is just a practice run but you can hear all of us.  There is 2 guys singing along with me.  We are all singing;  Open the Eyes of My Heart Lord.


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